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Tuesday, 02-02-2016

Automorphic forms, Dirichlet series, and Galois representations continue to be very central and important in modern number theory, as well as in some areas of mathematical physics. The Building Bridges research school is comprised of three two-day mini-courses, taught by teams of international experts, with lectures in the mornings and group work on exercises in the afternoons. The research school takes place in the first week of the meeting, 11th July - 16th July 2016. It will take place in the Business Academy building, School of Economis and Business, University of Sarajevo, Skenderija 70 . Click here to view the poster.

For optimal consideration, Summer School applicants should apply by 10 March 2016.

 Prerequisites: Complex Analysis, Algebraic Number Theory, Galois Theory, Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms, at the undergraduate or 1st year graduate school level.


The courses are scheduled 9am-5:30pm each day, with a lunch break. They will be held in at the third floor of the Business Academy building. Three rooms at the third floor will be available for working in groups during the exercise sessions.






Galois Representations and Diophantine Problems

Mike Bennett and Samir Siksek

Samuele Anni

Monday and Tuesday

Explicit L-functions, automorphic forms and Galois representations

Andrew Booker and Kamal Khuri Makdisi

Fredrik Stromberg

Wednesday and Thursday

Kronecker limit formalism and moonshine type groups


Jay Jorgenson and Lejla Smajlovic 

Min Lee

Friday and Saturday



For successful applicants the organisers will arrange and pay hotel rooms in the Hotel Emiran  and subsidize a part of their travel costs. Due to limited funding available, students will be  asked to share their rooms, if possible. 

The summer school will have space for some self-funded students,  who can register and book accomodation for negotiated half-price hotel rates using the following  link .



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